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रमेशको खेलले काजल र राहुलको मिलन गरायो

रमेशको खेलले काजल र राहुलको मिलन गरायो असोज ८ काठमाडौँ , धेरै समयको अन्तराल पछि रमेश कोइराला खेल खेलाउदै छन् . जुन खेल खेलाउन गायिका अन्जु पन्तले पनि साथ दिएकी छिन् भने ...

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Artist Co-ordination Union, Nepal (ACUN), has been established on 2014 AD. It works with cooperating on behalf of the all kinds of artistes such as: lyricist, musician, arranger, singer, dancer, model, actor, actress, joker, dramatist, videographer, choreographer, cameraman, video director, director and others. This is completely social organization with non-profit objective for the help of Nepali Artistes. This organization helps to promote new artistes and creation of artistes. In addition, always keeps respect all respected established Artistes on their sacrifice on the field of an art.